Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Project Update

Well, after many hours of work, we're much closer to being done with the surprise bathroom makeover. My husband scraped up linoleum and adhesive for many hours. I spent a few hours prepping the walls (the price you pay for pulling down wallpaper). The mudroom is painted and only needs flooring. The bathroom needs at least one more coat of paint, flooring, and then the installation of the sink, light, toilet, trim, and towel ring. Okay, so it felt like we were a lot closer to being done before I made that list! :)

We'll be working again tonight. It's how my husband and I will be celebrating our third anniversary. Not exactly romantic, but at least we'll be together.

More to come on the make over... hoping the room is complete by Friday so we can actually relax and enjoy our weekend! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hawaii and a new bathroom

What on earth can Hawaii and a new bathroom have to do with each other? Well, they have my parents in common. My mom and dad left for Hawaii on Wednesday of this week. That was the day that I told my husband that I felt really bad that I hadn't thought about doing a surprise room make over for my parents while they are gone. He encouraged me to still consider doing it.

My first step was to call my sisters. I couldn't go into the endeavor without having the support of my sisters. I know my parents have been talking about re-doing their half bath, but I needed my sisters to reassure me that this wouldn't get me banned from the family or anything! Now that I have them backing me up, if anyone gets banned, we all get banned. We deteremined that my dad should definitely be okay with the change. But, my mom... well, she may not be ecstatic upon first seeing the change. Time will tell. They will be home in 8 more days.

8 more days...we have to redo a bathroom in 8 days and take care of a 2 month old and go to work. Should be interesting. We have all of the components ready to be installed. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly. I'd hate to have my parents come home to one less bathroom in their house!

I snapped a couple pics to remember how UGLY this bathroom was before we started. After photos to come soon!

Wish us luck!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Copy Cat

Tonight while my husband (we'll call him S for the sake of the blog) was changing our little one's pants, he was talking to her, cooing and overall just loving on her. This is normal. He is so sweet on her, it's amazing. As I watched and listened, we heard her make what seemed like the same sound that S was making. Thinking that it might be a fluke, he made the sound to her again. She repeated it! We both looked at each other in awe. Our little girl is growing up!!

While she slept...

So, I've tried blogging before, but didn't keep up with it. But I am compelled to give it another try... and to stick to it!

I'll begin this blog by sharing a bit about myself and my intentions with this blog. About me... I have been married for nearly three years now. It's amazing how quickly time goes! Just two months ago, we had our first child - a little girl. She's fantastic! I don't know if anything has ever warmed my heart like when she smiles at us! She's growing fast and changing daily. I'll likely use this blog as a way to journal about those changes.

photo by Terri Gillis Photography

As of now, I am a stay at home mom. I am a victim of the "down turn" in the economy. The company I worked for went out of business earlier this year leaving me and 40+ others out of work. I continue to keep my eyes open for new opportunities. As of now, I will continue to enjoy my time at home with my daughter.

Even though I am busy being a new mom, being unemployed is so odd for me. I have always had a job since I was 15 years old. Not working outside the home has been difficult in some ways for me. Part of me is longing for that additional fulfillment of using some of the sides of me that mommy-ing doesn't. I have found much inspiration from many blogs for how I might get this fulfillment (at least until a new job and I find each other!). I intend to try to refinish furniture. Putting that down in print almost makes me laugh at myself! I have refinished one piece of furniture before. It only took me about 3 or 4 years. YEARS! Okay, so I quit in the middle for a long time. :) The project was successful, but I am sure I'll still have a lot to learn as I try this new hobby. I can't wait!

Why wait- you may be asking. Well, the title of the blog says it all. Right now anything I do gets done while she sleeps. For example, typing this post...she's sleeping on my lap! (she doesn't like to nap in her bed!) So, until we get into a better rhythm for daytime sleeping, it is unlikely that I can or should take on any of these furniture projects. In the meantime, I'll dream about what is possible!