Monday, November 16, 2009

A few fall touches

Being the mom of a three month old, I don't feel that I can really justify the time to do any major seasonal decorating yet. But, I couldn't go the whole season without adding at least a few fall touches. I wanted to share a few of them here with you.

I am sure wheat is considered "so last year", but I still love it!

One side of the mantle holds a brown vase and a shadow box that I'll post more about later this week.
I also changed the filler for my hurricanes in our dining room. I like using more natural elements for fall, like the filler shown here.
I have a burlap runner for this buffet started, but not yet finished. In due time, I suppose. I feel that is kind of the story of my house though... lots of ideas but no finished rooms! I'll be blogging more about that too!
So, in light of the ongoing quest to decorate for seasons or just decorating in general, do you think there is ever a point where you are "done" with a space? Or is it truly a never ending project? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!


  1. Can't wait to see your runner! If you're like me, you're never done decorating... The key is to make it fun though and not do it because you feel like you have to (not that I always accomplish that part :-))

  2. I think everything is gorgeous and not "last year." And your pictures are lovely. I don:t think I'm ever done with a room. Even if the paint color stays for a few years, I am constantly changin the accessories, chairs, pictures, keep it fresh and to incorporate new finds and ideas. It look like you have lot to offer to the blog world. :)

  3. No - it's never done, but that's the fun part!