Friday, November 13, 2009

So much for commitment...

So I was adamant that I was going to keep up with the blog. ummm, yeah... It's only been over THREE weeks since I wrote already! **sigh*** Anyway, I am back.

I spend a lot of time each day getting great ideas from so many blogs online. I just don't have the time or funds at the present to take them on. However, I am filing these great ideas away for when I have both of those things! Most of the ideas are crafty or decor related. I do have some home projects in mind that don't fall into those categories though. For example, I want under cabinet lighting. Scratch that... I NEED under cabinet lighting!

Also, I have a window seat in my closet. That's great. I don't sit in my closet often, but it looks kinda cute. However, I can think of plenty of better uses for the space. A few options are to take the top off and hinge it. I'd want cedar or some treatment on the inside of the box and then I can use it for sweaters or other longer term storage. Another option would be to take the seat idea out altogether and put in more shelves or drawers or even a vanity. It is a nice little place to keep my jewelry or even my make up. No matter what I choose, I'd just like it to be a more functional area.

I would like to switch out the light fixtures on the front of the house. Our current fixtures are just visually too small. I don't know if the physical size is too small or if it is because they have too much white that doesn't give them enough presence. Either way, I have the new ones picked out (our builder used it on the next house they built...bummer). I just don't have the funds on hand to pick them up.
This borders on decor, but I want to get a large shelf unit or have a built in unit built for my little girls room. I know how much little girls like to display things (as do mommas!). I also know how many more books and toys are in our future. For that reason, I want to have ample space in her room to store things. We'll need to get bins or something for "closed" storage, but a large shelving unit would get us on the right track! I think this one might work:

From the Linnarp collection at IKEA

If I went with this shelf, I'd paint it white, do beadboard for the backing and add a small crown moulding to top it off.

These are just a few of the most "pressing" projects on my mind. So many ideas for decorating and crafting too...maybe those will be my next post!! :)


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  1. I always need storage - next year is going to be the year to make my craft space official.