Sunday, November 22, 2009

A few of my favorite things

I am so excited... my first followers! :) Thanks to PK from Room Remix and Miss Mustard Seed from Mustard Seed Creations. These ladies write two of my favorite blogs! So glad you were able to stop by. And if the rest of you haven't visited their blogs yet, then you must check them out! They are so creative and inspire constantly!

In order for you all get to know me and my home, I wanted to share some of my favorite things. You see, as recently as a year ago, I only thought about accessorizing with new, contemporary items. Slowly, I have been seeing the light! I now feel like I get so much more from homemade or antique items in my home. They just add so much character and history! So, here are a few of the items that I feel bring some interest to my home.

I had this little nook off of our mudroom and knew I wanted a table or something there. But it's an odd size area, so it took me a long time to find something to fit. I found this table at a resale store and loved it immediately. I still have some accessorizing to do, but love the start.

A close up of the pictures above the table - These are pictures of doors my husband and I took in France last year (we were so lucky to be able to go because of his work!!). As we walked around Paris, I noticed how beautiful the doors were and started taking pictures. I knew I wanted to do something with them. For now, I have them displayed here.
This is a very recent addition. I am pretty certain it's not even in it's permanent position yet, (thus the cord isn't even hidden yet!) but I am really loving this vintage fan. Again, it has so much history and character. This was something I found on ebay.
I found these decorative balls at an antique show a couple years ago. But they aren't actually decorative balls. I am told they are antique Japanese fishing net floats. I loved the variations in color. The picture really doesn't do the colors justice. They are sitting in a "bowl" that was fashioned out of a vintage grain scoop.
And you've already seen this, but I wanted to tell you more about it. You may notice that each "coin" has a number 13 on it. 13 is a significant number for our family and we're obviously not superstitious about it! :) Anyway, these are from coal mines. Each miner would have a number. When they went into the mine, they would take their number off of a board with all the tags and put it in their pocket. This was so if there were any incidents, it would be easy to tell who was in the mine at any given time. I found them at a vintage store and loved the patina and of course, the number. I decided to display the tags by using a shadow box. I covered the back with burlap and used small straight pins to mount the tags.

I will share more of my favorite things - new and old- with you over time. I'd love to hear about some of the favorite things in your home!


  1. Thanks for the mention! :) I like your favorite things as well. The pictures of the doors are not only beautiful, but a great idea for a souvenir of a trip. Much better than some quick purchase that you'll regret later. The mining tags are also so interesting and displayed so well. Beautiful things!

  2. Oh, and the fan! I bought an old black electric fan on e-bay as well. Love it!

  3. You have some truly amazing vintage accents in your home.
    Thank you so much for entering my giveaway, best of luck!

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  6. pk @ Room Remix
    Wow! You've really got some great things here. I love door photos and the fact that you took these yourself makes it even better. They look great! Also love the fan and the creative way you're displaying the coal miner numbers. Very cool! Have a great weekend...

  7. These are fabulous items!! Vintage and antique items definitely add character to any room. You've picked out some great pieces. And the door photos? Love them!